We are Jaap, photographer and visual storyteller and Lilli, philosopher and writer.

We are nomads on a journey to a more sustainable life in harmony with nature and ourselves. We are traveling interesting destinations to experience alternative ways to live .

We tell stories inspired by the beauty of mother earth, which we have witness during our travels around the world.

What is earthful?


| adjective | full of earth.

Symbiose of earth and mindful.

Conscious, eco-friendly, kind to all natural beings and the environment.

Earthful people love to be in nature and understand that they are part of it. They refuse the idea of human dominion and the exploitation of the natural world. They want to change the way they live and create a sustainable egalitarian utopia where no human or animal needs to suffer needlessly.

thats what ‘earthful’ means to us

We are deeply committed to live a conscious life with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

We want to inspire others to do the same by spreading the love for our beautiful planet and sharing what we have learned along our journeys to live a more earthful life.

We are happy to have you here.